02 November 2009

moleskin stuff

My moleskin consists primarily of work that I do sitting in classes, restaurants, and people's houses. I carry it everywhere, so the work that comes out of it is all over the place. But I like that.

Ever wonder what a female Spartan looks like? I do. (I want to be one.)

19 October 2009

sophomore year final film

This was all I had to show for myself for last semester's final work. I couldn't think of an idea, so I decided to just "doodle." I had the idea of doing a form of journal: this was something I was always very good at doing when I was younger. Every day, I'd animated something from that day (usually just the keys.) I did this for two weeks, cut the better pieces from the worse, tween'd and fix'd, compiled, made a crazy after effects calendar, and here's the piece.

That being said, I know it's mostly just pencil tests... but I think they're kinda pretty.

This version is just the super-rough keys.

15 October 2009

figure drawing : spring 2008

I took a life drawing course with Michael Walling last Spring. I have to say, that man taught me quite a lot. His teaching methods were painful, sometimes, but if you really absorbed what he was trying to say, it stuck with you (and made an obvious difference.)

With that said, here's the stuff.

1 minute gestures.

5 minute drawings.

10 minutes.

25 minutes.

30 minutes.

40 minutes.

speeches and gallery dedications!

Hey look! Me!

I gave a speech at my old high school, LHS, 12 October 2009 at a gallery dedication there. It was being named after my two retired art professors, so naturally I had to show up.

I donated a piece to the gallery, which will be framed in museum glass and be installed there permanently.

14 October 2009

digital ink and paint : infinite run

This project was a week and a half deadline. I created a new animation, colored in Photoshop, and threw it on top of some background in After Effects. Some little details and things were added once I was working in AE.

I love AE.

Chastity : visual brainstorming

Chastity is a character that I've been working on for a while now. She's my alter-ego: a weird combination of exploitations and reversals of my own personality traits. See if you can't figure out which is which?

These are drawings, just trying to figure out what kinda gal I want her to look like.