01 June 2010

up in the air

This is one part of a four part animated digital corpse assignment.

26 April 2010

city shot rough

This is a super rough scene-in-progress. It's how I work--one bit at a time.

Anyways, my junior film is taking off and making progress. I'm already coloring frames! It's good news.

So far, I've got my backgrounds roughed, colors working, maya elements modeled, animated, and rendered, and now I'm piecing together my big AE scenes. No worries, it's looking good.

14 April 2010

library class update

My boys, Jamon and Jamil working on some paper puppets.

Me lecturing. I think I was talking about Kid Koala's Basin Street Blues and digital puppets.

Working at the other library. Quay, in the grey sweater, does great work. It's pretty inspiring to see.

02 April 2010

confident ladies

I'm liking this blue. And in general, these colors.

I've always been bad at painting in photoshop, so I like to make sure things look digital. Super artifice. And shiny!

experimental projection

An assignment to experiment with projection techniques.

Three projectors are each projecting a channel of red, green, and blue. As they intersect, the colors of light create cyan, magenta, and yellow. As people interact with the piece, they stop the colors intersecting, leaving silhouettes of one color projection.

So I cut the pieces to 4/4 time so that they'd match up to the majority of dance songs, other such things. And thus, the perfect installation for a dance party is had.

30 March 2010

Library class.

The library class is going really well! It's time for an update.

We're finally moving on from the cut-out project to Pixelation. The kids have finally gotten to animation, and they've had a chance to try it out. We have a few--specifically 3--kids that have really taken off with animation. Their excitement is exciting for me.

I've learned a lot on how to manage kids, people, and projects in groups through this internship. Stuff is really starting to make sense. I guess I can say I appreciate my teachers more. This job is terrifying!

28 February 2010

animation classes at the kansas city public library

Three peers and myself are teaching two animation classes at the Kansas City Public Library. Specifically the Blueford and Southeast branch.

These libraries are essentially in the ghetto of the city; when we were getting orientation, the ladies we work under pointed out the current bullet in the window. It was a little terrifying to see, but I realized that there are normal people who survive this environment every day.

We had our first day; I showed some basic screenings (like Fantasmagorie and Hertzfeldt's Rejected for humor) and the kids responded well. Two kids specifically seemed very excited--they expressed a like for anime and drawing.

After the screenings, we made some flipbooks. The two kids that responded before responded again, and they seemed genuinely excited. It was exciting for me to know that maybe I was giving them a chance they didn't know they had.

We have our second class this Thursday, and we'll be working on stop-motion. The kids also expressed interest in Photoshop, so I'm going to try to convince the librarians to purchase an educational version so the kids can always have access to it.

comic book cover thumbnails

These were super fast drawings for my illustration class. Our current assignment is to design a comic book cover, so I drew general gestures and threw down some color.

I like the way they turned out. No more than 10 minutes was spent on each.

traditional drawings

these are all done from paintings in the Nelson Atkins museum of art in Kansas City.

22 February 2010

ristorante no barbecue

inspired by Natsume Ono!

09 February 2010

illustration : working too hard

Just an image from my illustration class. Illustrating an article about how people can't balance work and home life.



mural project, junior year

This was my Junior year of muraling. Another newspaper feature!

This was the year that I painted in the grocery store. It worked like a commission, but was actually just more community service. Price Cutter had me and my friend Daniel paint a little market scene inside the store according to the store manager's wishes. It was a very tacky image, but he put a plaque up for us after we were finished. It was quite nice.

mural projects

I miss these projects.

I used to do a project every summer where I would work about 100 hours painting murals on historical buildings in my old hometown. I was recognized for community service and interviewed by the newspaper a few times.

These are such old photos.

These images feature my senior year of the project, and the fourth project that I took part in.

This was one featured on the back of an old shoe store. The challenge this year was figuring out how to paint on a wall that was primarily broken concrete.

More in other posts.