19 November 2011


Four Letter Word from Brittani Crawford on Vimeo.

Well that was silly to not post this sooner.

This is my graduation animation. It caused me a lot of heartbreak and grief, but I painstakingly made it all the way through.

While looking back on it, it might not be the best of the most perfect of work. But, it was a piece that I had to create. It had to be said. It had to be done.

09 March 2011

sketchbook 7 March

tonal studies

From photographs.

costume sketch

Original sketch idea for my Harlequin Steampunk costume.

Microns and Prismacolors.

Thesis hand-drawn keys.

A compilation of the hand-drawn for Four Letter Word.

Unfortunately, the quality is awful. I'll be scanning the frames soon.

thesis update

Update as of 7 March 2011.

The project is almost done!

02 March 2011


As a convention-goer, I've developed quite an interest in costuming and garment construction.  I had the pleasure of taking a class at KCAI for "Experimental Costume Design." 

I love Steampunk influenced fashion, so I took it upon myself to design this outfit.  And, of course, I made it!

The pieces consist of a blouse-sleaved bolero, boned corset, shorts, a-line half skirt, and harlequin leggings.  I also made the little hat with Fosshape. 

The design also includes a "One-Minute Weave," for fabulous hair that I could never maintain.  Some gear earrings were added on from Clair's, and the boots from Rue 21.  I thrifted a few belts and gave a new paint job to some dollar store guns, and here I am!  In steampunk glory.